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Our incubation programme is tailored to suit different groups with varying needs, levels of game development maturity and experience. 

Student Startups

For students interested in developing games, we collaborate closely with educational institutions to guide them in developing their own games.

Independent Members

For teams with experience in game production, but require assistance and guidance in publishing, distributing and promoting their games.

Our Incubatees

Currently in Incubation

Rumble Jungle


Play and discover animals with different superpowers as scientists developed an experimental “super serum” that could turn any of them into the MOST awesome pet in the whole UNIVERSE!​

Type: Casual, Multiplayer, Quirky, PVP, Mobile Game

Start date: January 2021

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Owl Cafe


Discover new and unique owls in your very own owl cafe! Watch as cute owls patronise your cafe and customise your cafe with various unique decorations to fit your own style!

Type: Idle stimulation, mobile game

Start Date: September 2021

Aesir Defense


Midgard’s crystal is darkened! Join Loki as commander of the Aesir Army to investigate and restore the realm in this strategic Tower Defence game.

Type: Tactics, combat stimulation, multi-player, mobile game

Start Date: November 2020

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